My testimony opposing Mike Toal’s Anti-Trans Resolution

Carey Callahan
4 min readDec 13, 2022

I was able to join a lot of cool folks in giving testimony to the Ohio State Board of Education opposing Mike Toal’s proposed resolution. Extremists in Ohio are using the CRT circus and the detrans panic to attempt to bring the Board of Education under the governor’s control. Mike Toal’s resolution is a pretty disgusting mishmosh of faux concern for gender dysphoric kids, women and evangelicals.

As someone who used media attention to attempt to shape clinical support for detransitioners (let’s be honest, totally unsuccessfully) I feel ethically bound to stand up politically for the trans community in Ohio. I was a gender dysphoric kid, although that was back in the middle ages, and for sure if resolutions like this were being debated while I was in high school it would’ve harmed my sense of my own worth and safety. It does not help anyone experiencing gender dysphoria for it to be dangerous to be a trans kid in school, at the doctor’s office, in bathrooms, on the sports field. Safety for trans kids benefits all gender dysphoric kids.

As these sensationalistic copy cat bills and resolutions pop up in our state governments I hope more detransitioners will speak out against them and work politically to defeat them. From the first little 4 person detransition support group I attended a decade ago, it was crystal clear we were not an anti-trans effort, we were a pro- detrans well-being effort. As more detransitioners get lovebombed by political extremists and used as props in their little political shows, those of us who refuse to be used need to make our viewpoints known. If you want trans kids to be access the same opportunities as those kids blessedly unbothered by gender dysphoria, now is the time to GET LOUD about your viewpoint.

The testimony about the resolution starts at about 3:05. My testimony starts at about 4:31, but you can just read it below, and it’s worth watching all the testimony to hear the many perspectives about how resolutions like these harm Ohio’s youth and Ohioans generally.

The organizations behind resolutions and bills like these are extremely well-funded machines paying full time strategists good money. They can afford to be very effective predators of detransitioners. I am not so naive that I think I have the kind of influence in the detrans community to talk detransitioners out of being used by these people. I learned this the hard way back in 2015 when I couldn’t talk detrans men I’d given a lot…

Carey Callahan

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