My Testimony Opposing Ohio HB 68, the “SAFE” Act

Carey Callahan
5 min readMay 25

I had a wild ride testifying yesterday against Ohio HB68, a statewide ban on pediatric trans affirmative gender care. It’s an extreme bill written by a state representative who committed literal conversion therapy as a church pastor. I hope other detransitioners will reach out to the groups defending trans healthcare in their states to offer similar testimonies. I had the luck and privilege of getting assistance from Trans Allies of Ohio and Equality Ohio. That was key in helping calm my nerves before the day of testimony, helping me figure out the logistics of navigating the statehouse, and recovering from the drama of testimony. At the same time the staff of these organizations were so mindful about not impacting my message and not pressuring me to say things I don’t believe or participate in ways that don’t serve my life. I hope other detransitioners that are angry about how our existence is being used to ban healthcare find organizers in the trans community who are as helpful and empathetic as Cam, Maria, and Kathryn. I’m really grateful we crossed paths.

Some parts of this were edited out in person because of time constraints. I’ve included a video link to the opposition testimonies at the end of the testimony.

“Chair Lipps, Vice-Chair Stewart, Ranking Member Liston and members of the Public Health Policy Committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. My name is Carey Callahan English and I’m a resident of Bainbridge, Ohio. I am here to oppose House Bill 68, misleadingly named the “Saving Adolescents from Experimentation” act. This bill departs from widespread medical consensus to lead Ohioans into a truly dangerous medical experiment, in which we chase expert clinicians out of our state and leave children discerning their identities adrift and at risk until they also have the resources to leave our state.

I am a detransitioned woman and family therapist, who has been vocal in the national media about the need…

Carey Callahan

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